PF 1500

Lightweight with low frame and fixed platform. For transport vehicles, including supercars.

Technical features

The hydraulic winch, movable model with manual control, makes the loading of particularly damaged cars easier.

Thanks to the made to shape loading platform, the equipment PF 1500 has got an approach angle of max. 8°.

The equipment PF 1500 can be placed on cabs whose total weight is 3.5T with front-wheel drive, and it is composed of an alloy aluminium lowered chassis and of an alloy aluminium platform which is bowed in the rear side.

Its reduced height allows a better stability in transit.

The double rear axle is approved to carry 2,7TI and to a maximum speed of 145 km/h, and, while loading, is controlled by an electro-hydraulic local plant.

Thanks to the tipping footboard the bent while loading is sensibly reduced.

Lenght mm. 5200
Width mm. 2100
Towing power of winch Kg 3500
Load angle
Load. plat. height mm. 700


  • Alloy aluminium fixed platform
  • Alloy aluminium chassis
  • Double axle whose height is adjustable
  • Electric winch placed on the front, whose towing power is 3500 Kg , equipped with rope guide and steel rope of 10 m
  • Choks to stop the vehicle, 2 spare wheel holders, 1 belt with crack, 1 belt with 2 eyes


  • Manual device that moves the winc
  • Scooters and motorbikes holder
  • Radio control for the winch and for the regulation of the platform
  • Flashing bar “type approved”
  • Turning trolleys type “America” for the loading of vehicles
  • Specoial car jack
  • Sphere hook for the towing of trolleys