DPV 200

With double floor is able to charge two cars at a time.


The equipment D.P.V. 200 can be placed on chassis whose min. total weight is 10000 Kg and, as it is very easy to use, is particularly fit for the transport of more vehicles.

The dimensions of the loading platform, made of zinc coated steel, may vary according to the different type of cab and to the client’s needs.

The upper top is made of high resistant aluminium alloy D.P.V. 200) or, on demand, in zinc coated steel (D.P.V. 200 S).

The special structure of the equipment, characterized by a particularly low false chassis, allows a better stability in transit.

On demand it is possible to lower, in the back side of the vehicle, the original chassis in order to place a spherical hook fit for the towing of trolleys.

On demand it is possible to place, on the upper loading platform, a second winch to make the loading of cars easier.

The hydraulic telescopic back fork (supplied with models of 1T o 2T) allows the towing (with lifted axle) of damaged cars or lorries.

On demand, to enhance the efficiency of the equipment, it is possible to place, on the back side of the loading platform, an additional folding hydraulic jib.

Made of high resistant steel, the crane jib of 3.5T is supplied with two hydraulic cylinders for the lifting operation and with one for the slipping-off operation.

It is possible to make a special version (D.P.A.) completely in aluminium alloy, which can be placed on cabs whose min. total weight is 7500 Kg; its lower top is fixed, back side inclined, and the car is loaded with the help of two manual footboards.

The equipment D.P.V. 200 is produced in full obedience of the Machine Plolicy EC, which certifies the full conformity of the product to the basic safety needs as well as to the technical regulations, which represent a guarantee of quality for customers.


  • Loading platform, which can be bent ans slipped off through hydraulic cylinders running on central slides.
  • upper top which  can be hydraulically adjusted till it leans onto the lower top.
  • whole hydraulic system (power take off, pump, lever control distributor).
  • hydraulic winch placed on the front side with towing capacity of 3.6T or 4.5T, equipped with rope guide, rope presser and steel rope with hook.
  • emergency button and hearing signal while equipment is working.
  • 2 wings, 1 tool box with lock, manual accelerator, 1 pulley to load the damaged cars, 4 fixed choks to block wheels, 4 adjustable choks, 1 wedge to stop the breakdown van, 1 tow rod, 1 spherical hook for towing operations, 1 sphere for the towing of trolleys and roulottes, 1 rear universal power socket, 1 belt with crack, 1 belt with two eyes, two turning orange lights, light to illuminate the instrument board, 1 steerable spot light, side clearance lights and side bars.


  • Back chassis lowering system with spherical hook to tow trolleys.
  • Back hydraulic telescopic fork.
  • Folding hydraulic crane jib.
  • Hydraulic device that moves the winch.
  • Starting cables 12 V – 24 V.
  • Scooters and motorbikes holder, equipped with slide to allow loading operation on the fork.
  • Radio control for 1 or more mouvements.
  • Flashing bar “type approved”.
  • Special trolleys type “America” to load cars.
  • Special trolleys type “New” to tow cars.
  • Special car jack 2T.
  • Extractible dustbin holder, broom and shovel holder, cans and extinguisher holders.