FP 8000

With 8T rear Fork and 15T arm crane for the recovery of big trucks.


The equipment FP 8000 can be placed on cabs with three or more axles and whose min. total weight is 26000 kg.

As it is very easy to handle, this equipment is particularly fit for the rescue and the transport (with lifted axle) of damaged heavy-duty trucks.

On the subchassis is fixed a high resistant steel crane jib, which makes the lifting operation with the help of 2 hydraulic cylinders on which two hydraulic winches ( lifting power 30 T and 15 T) are placed, this allowing the rescue of heavy duty trucks.

Thanks to a device (which allows the tail sheave of the rope) it is possible to have a crane jib (power 8 T in case of totally slipped off fork and 10 T in case of totally folded fork).

To enhance stability while rescue operations are being carried out, the equipment is fit with 2 stabilizing hydraulic feet which are fixed to the subchassis.

On demand it is possible to place a turning crane behind the cab.

This crane (only for 4-axles vehicles) is used to rescue damaged vehicles.

On demand it is possible to place a slipping-off mechanism in the crane jib (power 10 T). This mechanism is used to rescue or to lift damaged cars.

The completely slipped-off telescopic hydraulic fork allows the towing of a damaged truck (with lifted axle) whose max. axle weight is 8000 kg.

The three slipping-off mechanisms make the towing of coaches or lorries with long front overhang easy.

The particular mouvement of the crane jib makes the rescue of vehicles whose height of the ground is limited particularly easy.

The equipment FP 8000 is produced in full obedience of the Machine Pollicy EC, which certifies the full conformity of the product to the basic safety needs as well as to the technical regulations, which represent a guarantee for customers.


  • Central crane jib with hydraulic lifting mouvement.
  • Three slipping-off mechanisms fork fixed to the crane jib (hydraulic overturning).
  • Set of carriers to lift trucks on the platform.
  • N° 02 back hydraulic stabilizers.
  • N° 01  15 T winch with 40 m steel rope fit with hook.
  • Pneumatic unlocking mechanism of the winch, rope guide and ropre presser.
  • Power take -off and hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank with filter.
  • Lever control distributor.
  • The crossbar with a large hook allows the towing (with a rigid bar) of a damaged vehicle, of a trailer or of a special trolley used in rescue operations.
  • Turning device that allows tail sheave of the rope both on the jib and on the fork.
  • The fifth wheel allows the towing of a semi-trailer.
  • Shaped fairing with tool box and locks.
  • Front counterweight.
  • Lamps placed on the front stand.
  • Lights to illuminate the control board and the tool boxes.
  • Winder with lamp.
  • Second pneumatic system, winder and gun with manometer.
  • Flashing bar CO.BO. 1500 placed on the front stand.
  • Starting 24V.
  • Side clearance lights.
  • Hearing signal while vehicle is working.
  • Eemergency button to stop the hydraulic system.
  • Junctions for trailers; 1 manual accelerator; 1 rear universal power socket; 1 towing bar for heavy duty trucks; 4 adjustable back lights on the front stand; 2 brake blocks fit with fastening device; accessories for slinging and towing (belts, ropes, chains); wooden blocks to lift the damaged vehicle while it is being loaded on the fork.
  • Turning device allowing the tail sheave of the rope on the fork.
  • Junction for biga style trailers.


  • Radiocontrol (1 to 6 mouvements).
  • N° 01 30T winch with 50 m steel rope with hook and pneumatic unlocking device; additional air tank for secondary systems.
  • N° 01 9,5T winch with 40 m steel rope with hook and pneumatic unlocking device in the back side.
  • Crane jib slipping-off device.
  • Back telecamera with LCD color monitor.