SE 300 L

Fast and reliable, with arm crane from 3T fixed to the frame. Suited to the recovery of vehicles.

The equipment S.E. 300 L is applicable on Cab trucks having a total weight of 6500 Kg minimum ground , and is particularly suited to the recovery and transport of vehicles .
The dimensions of the load , supplied in high-strength aluminum alloy (SEA 300 L) or galvanized steel ( 300 L SE ) ​​may vary depending on the type of cabin and the needs of the customer .
The special structure of the display, which uses a subframe particularly low , it allows to obtain a greater stability during transport .
The equipment S.E. 300 L is the evolution of the designing S.E. 200 L which remains in production. The novelty of the new arrangement is that the crane arm is no longer attached to the platform and then dumper with it , but with a fixed structure to the original chassis of the vehicle.
This change has allowed us to achieve a much longer boom crane with a capacity higher than the previous year ( 3 T in the standard version ) . Furthermore, this new configuration allows the use of the crane arm for the recovery in the low position . The hydraulic winch , if required in the version with movable hydraulic facilitates the loading of cars particularly crashed .
The hydraulic telescopic fork Rear provided in version 1.5 or 1T T, allows towing with lifted axle cars or trucks damaged.


Loading platform, which can be bent and slipped off through hydraulic cylinders running on central slides.

  • Whole hydraulic system (power take-off, pump, lever control distributor).
  • Hydraulic winch placed on the front with towing power of 2.2T or 3.6T, equipped with rope guide, rope presser and steel rope with hook.
  • Emergency button and hearing signal while equipment is working.
  • 2 wings, 1 tool box with lock, 1 manual accelerator,, 1 pulley to load the damaged cars, 2 fixed choks to block wheels, 2 adjustable choks to block wheels, 1 wedge to stop the breakdown van, 1 tow rod, 1 spherical hook for towing, 1 sphere for the towing of trolleys or roulottes, 1 rear universal power socket, 1 belt with crack, 1 belt with two eyes, two turning orange lights, light to illuminate the instrument board, 1 steerable spot light, side clearance lights and side bars.


Back telescopic hydraulic fork.

  • Folding hydraulic jib.
  • Hydraulic traslator of the winch.
  • Starting cables 12 V – 24 V.
  • Scooters and motorbikes holder, fixed to the mobile winch, which can be used only in presence of a radio control on the traslator.
  • Scooters and motorbikes holder, complete with slide for loading operations.
  • Radio control for one or more mouvements.
  • Flashing bar “type approved”.
  • Special trolley type “America” to load cars.
  • Special trolleys type “New” to tow cars special car jack 2T.
  • Extractible dustbin holder, broom and shovel holder, cans and extinguisher holders.